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Artist's Statement

From the age of five, I knew I wanted a different world.  The strange customs and behaviours of those around me fuelled my fascination with soul and psyche.  That was the beginning.

Referencing realism and symbolism, my paintings demonstrate how we can extend beyond subjective limits and explore the plethora of our potential.  Using multi-layering techniques, the works are created through detailed and expressive processes, encouraging a break from first impressions or a quick read.

My paintings and illustrations are narratives, inspired by the complexities of what it means to be human.  I work in both traditional and digital media, choosing message before medium. This approach breaks the conventional wisdom of ‘find your style and stick to it.’ It’s understandably frustrating for those who crave uniformity, but alas, I cannot comply. I'm committed to my vision of sharing meaningful stories in whatever style best suits the narrative.

I’ve always had a love for nature and the environment.  But - I’ve admittedly skirted around the bigger picture – our ongoing destruction of the natural world.  Recently, the lush forests that once flourished in my local area have faced unprecedented devastation due to storms and flooding. Motivated by this experience, I’m now in the process of learning more about the subject and exploring how I can use my art to express this urgent narrative.

Art is my medium to spark meaningful conversation - without judgement - about subjects central to us all.  

If you’d like to follow my progress, you can sign up for my newsletter below.  If you have any thoughts or questions you’d like to share, get in touch as I’d love to hear from you.

With warmest wishes

Beautiful Abstract forest painting symbolising environmental issues

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